Here are some photos of the bikes built 
I have some solid interest in the Clementine [WHICH BY THE WAY IS 52cm 
(Size Medium) , NOT 52]. - I had Cheviut's on my brain when I typed this.

Also , I will be updating new info and parts for sale here.  But, it could 
take a couple of days as I'm traveling to North Carolina tomorrow until 
late next week.
The bikes and (me usually) are in Kingston NY.



52cm (med) Clementine - Stock , except added Bosco basket & replaced 
terrible saddle with vintage Italia (feels great, looks great)


Protovelo when it was brand new...although it still looks pretty close to 



Quickbeam yesterday


Quickbeam Brand New




Simpleone - different iterations ...Love this bike.  Its more of a dirt 
bike now, with B.G. RnR's and no fenders and the B.G. stem (black) from the 
first bike with the Midge On-One bars.  This is the bike that I 
experimented with the 3-wheel wheelset for multispeed hacking . - All Paul 
high flange matching set.




And for those asking about the TA chain rings...Here's a pic of those


Please let me know if you have questions and thanks for being patient as 
I'm somewhat heartbroken to part with these things and also will be out of 
town for a few days


On Wednesday, January 31, 2018 at 6:44:04 PM UTC-5, jandrews_nyc wrote:
> Hello 
> I am in a position where I need to sell some bikes and bike things that 
> I've built and ridden over the years. I will keep my beloved 1st gen 
> Hillborne.
> I can provide clear photos of any item someone may be interested in before 
> the weekend.
> My intention is to sell a lot of items at reasonable discounted prices 
> rather than try to maximize what I can get for each piece.  I would much 
> prefer for some of these parts to be used by an enthusiast from this list.
> I have ridden my bikes.  Touring.. through mud & dirt.. commuting to work, 
> etc.  They haven't been babied, but they have never been neglected or 
> abused/wrecked.
> Currently some of the framesets are built up so I'm somewhat flexible if 
> someone would be interested in a complete bike 
> All prices do not include shipping, and that could get pricey so we'd need 
> to discuss best methods for shipping.
> I'm in the Hudson Valley of New York 
> I would rely on a bike shop to handle the frame (or bike) shipping.
> I have lots of other parts I'll be adding in the coming days
> Please let me know if you have questions about any of these pieces.
> Thank you
> Jason 
>    - [$650] - 58cm Simpleone frameset with rare cream head tube - plenty 
>    of paint nicks and some scrapes along the top tube from resting against 
>    street signs but frame true and straight. Never wrecked - (Not currently 
>    built up) - has BB * headset that was shipped with it from Riv.
>    - [$700] - 58cm ORANGE Quickbeam frameset - less nicks and scrapes 
>    than the Simpleone , but some.
>    - [$600] - 57.5cm PROTOVELO frameset - Rivendell blue - Unsure what 
>    this was a prototype for...maybe related to Rodeo or Rodini? It's a 
>    relatively thin tube road bike that I have set up for riding fast. It's 
> got 
>    a Hillborne head-tube lug but a Homer Hilsen bottom bracket shell. I think 
>    it has a narrow Rodeo fork. Weirdest thing is the rear brake is long 
> reach, 
>    front is for short reach. I purchased appropriate brakes for front and 
> back 
>    and the bike fits jack browns with fenders., very excellent shape, ..one 
>    fingernail size chip in the paint on the downtube from it being in my bike 
>    carrier on the car.
>    - [$950] - 55cm Clementine complete bike in BLACK. Totally stock with 
>    the exception of adding the Wald Basket for Bosco bars. -- Basically 
>    unridden except for a test ride.  Excellent shape.
>    - [$400] - 3-piece wheel set for Simpleone or Quickbeam - Very special 
>    wheel set made by Anthony King at Longleaf. I built my Simpleone up as a 
>    multispeed bike by adding a bolt-on derailleur hanger and associated bits 
>    and used a different rear wheel with a Suntour 14-34 5-speed freewheel.
>    - Front wheel - Paul High Flange 32h FRONT High Polish w/ Quick 
>       Release Option - Velocity Synergy 700C 32H Silver - Wheelsmith DB14 
>       2.0/1.7/2.0 Silver Spoke w/ Silver Brass Nipples
>       - Rear wheel 1 - Paul High Flange 32h REAR High Polish w/ Quick 
>       Release Option - Velocity Synergy 700C 32H Silver - Wheelsmith DB14 
>       2.0/1.7/2.0 Silver Spoke w/ Silver Brass Nipples
>       - Rear wheel 2 - Paul High Flange 32h REAR Jono Hub (built for 
>       120mm spacing) - High Polish w/ Quick Release Option - Velocity Synergy 
>       700C 32H Silver - Wheelsmith DB14 2.0/1.7/2.0 Silver Spoke w/ Silver 
> Brass 
>       Nipples
>          - The Jono allows one to put a multi-speed freewheel on. 
>           Currently there is a very nice, cleaned and lubed Suntour 5-speed 
>          freewheel on the wheel.
>          - *All three of these wheels have very little use.*
>    - [$125] - Quickbeam wheel set - budget 
>       - Front and Rear Mavic Open Pro laced to Origin8/Formula 
>       high-flange hubs , 32H - White Industries Blue 16t Freewheel
>       - Lots of use and lots left.
>    - [$350] - Protovelo wheel set
>       - Also built by Anthony King at Longleaf - Also , very light use on 
>       this wheel set
>       - IRD Cadence Rims (28-hole) - rear is offset , White Industries 
>       T11 front & rear hubs in polished silver, Wheelsmith spokes 
>    - [$250] - White Industries VBC mountain crankset (170mm) - Silver 
>    arms - Black 44-t outer, and Black 28-t inner, White Industries Chainring 
>    bolts - very little use
>    - [$125] - Phil Wood Titanium Bottom Bracket 68/73mm - 113mm with 5mm 
>    right-hand offset (adjustable) w/ anodized alloy British cups - very 
> little 
>    use
>    - TA Sirus chainrings (Very little use) - mounted to vintage Sugino AT 
>    arms . 50/34
>    - [$200] - SRAM Apex mini groupset- Black  (minimal use)  - Rear 
>    Derailleur, Front Derailleur, Brifters (double tap controls)  brakes 
> (Front 
>    and Rear)
>    - Lots of Nitto stems , need to check sizes but various Technomic, 
>    Technomic Deluxe and Tallux as well as Dirt Drop.  will take a look and 
>    update.
>    - [$85] -  Nitto Mini Front
>    - [$225] - Nitto Campee 27F 700c front rack with removable pannier 
>    supports 
>    - [$85] - Nitto R14 Top Rack (old version with tombstone) with various 
>    Nitto struts
>    - [$55] - Pletcher "Clem" rack as sold by Riv with Pannier Supports 
>    and light mount 

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