Bill Lindsay wrote:* The innocence of our Craigslist angel is established 
completely by us believing his story about his intent.  It's just a variant 
of the "I was just borrowing it" defense.  That defense is valid if we 
believe it, and is invalid if we don't.  *

In this case I would argue it matters not at all whether the guy has good 
intentions; that is not a legitimate defense. Even if we may sympathize 
with his motive, it does not make his actions valid or him innocent of 
breaking the law. It's just vigilantism, plain and simple. Private citizens 
can't go making this kind of decision, because, chaos, eventually. 

Also, apologies to Jon, I did not see his script. Great minds, etc.

Here is the form Marty was referencing. You can find it easily by googling 
Portland abandoned bicycle. 

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