In reading the product description on the Riv site for Little Big Bens, it says 
they have the KevlarGuard, which could well be enough protection. Schwalbe's 
most flat resistant would be the Marathon with SmartGuard. You might find them 
sluggish. I, too, have not gone down the sealant/tubes route, but Patrick 
squared (that's Deacon and Mr. Moore) seem to really know of what they speak 
when espousing the virtues of that setup (Mr. Moore is in goathead heaven or 
hell, depending on how you look at it.) In reading this thread, I realize that 
when I toured on Compass EL in May, had I had sealant I might well have not had 
to change to a different rear tire partway through. I had too many flats but 
none so severe that sealant wouldn't have taken care of it (I think.) 

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