Again, sure, why not? But that doesn't mean someone else can't look at 
bicycle braking technologies and decide, with equal validity, why? It may 
not be a popular decision, it may be seen as "impeding progress" or simply 
as stubborn. But it doesn't make it wrong. This decision by itself may or 
may not be a game changer, but as more and more of these choices acrue, the 
path changes irrevocably. I know everyone says cars are so much better now 
than back in the day, but most guys no longer have the tools or the 
$100,000 diagnostic computer needed to tinker with them, never mind teach 
their sons. And a rear view mirror, which you could once adjust by rolling 
down the window and giving it a twist, is now electronically operated and 
costs a fortune to replace or fix. We see all the shiny positives in these 
developments and plunge in wholeheartedly, but truly, there are drawbacks, 
both for individuals and society. The best choice there would have been to 
limit our use of cars and design things around trains and trolleys and 
bicycles and walking. You make cars more "efficient" and "safe" and then 
you fall into things like Jevon's Paradox, and now you need more parking 
lots and roads and other infrastructure and maintaining it all, not to 
mention the increased time humans spend in automobiles shuffling ourselves 
about. And as we know, that's just the tip of the problem's iceberg.

On Sunday, February 4, 2018 at 2:57:22 AM UTC-5, rw1911 wrote:
> I wrote a big, long response sharing my personal experiences with moving 
> to new tech related to bikes and cars, but in the end, I came to the same 
> place...
> Why not?  Disc brakes are good.  Maybe they they don't have the character 
> or aesthetics of our beloved rim brakes, but they are good, even better 
> when added to the already wonderful qualities of a Riv. (lugged Hunqadiscer 
> for me please)
> On Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 3:30:33 PM UTC-5, Joe Bernard wrote:
>> Now that I've conjured up my future-Riv on the "what type of bike" thread 
>> (full disclosure: I also sent an email to Roman @ Riv), I guess I'll 
>> campaign for it on its own thread. 
>> I know Grant/Riv isn't big on disc brakes, but a lot of people prefer 
>> them in the dirt. I'm not sure there's much of a market for a pricier 
>> fully-lugged disc Riv, but a Hunqapillar-ish semi-TIGed 650B model in the 
>> Clem/Roadini price range would be the bee's pajamas. Would you buy a Riv 
>> dirt bike (I'm campaigning for a small "dirt bike" decal, too) with 
>> mechanical discs?
>> Joe "weak hands" Bernard

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