"..and that they seem to go hand in 
hand with the adoption of new standards that make the use of those parts 
that are so characteristic of Rivendell builds out of the question."

How do discs "seem" to do this on a bicycle I've repeatedly described as using 
all normal Riv parts aside from the brakes? Let's take 4 Rivs stout enough for 
pounding around on trails: Hunqapillar, Atlantis, Appaloosa and Clem. Put a 
standard Riv build on them, then have the cables end at discs instead of 
v-brakes or cantis. The only things that have changed are no rim brakes and the 
hubs are disc compatible. Maybe you need disc compatible racks, but there's a 
ton of them out there. I don't see the problem you're describing. 

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