I switched from 172.5 and 175 to 165 because I was getting knee pain and 
some research told me that it may have to do with crank length. It worked, 
after switching the distance my leg had to travel on each pedal stroke and 
for some reason helped the knee pain.  The short cranks helped with pedal 
strikes on the mtbs too. 

On Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 3:33:36 PM UTC-6, Deacon Patrick wrote:
> Both my Hunqapillar and Quickbeam have 175mm crank arms. Pedal strikes 
> have been a non-issue on the roads, but I’ve had a few, slow and 
> inconsequential, strikes on the trails. Those of you with experience (not 
> speculation, but actual riding experience): could you please help me 
> understand the effect of crank arm length in fixed gear riding on: 
> — decreased leverage of a shorter arm. Is this a real-world, material 
> effect, or inconsequential. Put another way, if I go with 170 or 165mm 
> crank arms, am I going to need to go with a 42t instead of 44t chainring? 
> Or is the difference slight and inconsequential compared with increased 
> pedal clearence? 
> With abandon, 
> Patrick 
> www.CredoFamily.org 
> www.MindYourHeadCoop.org

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