Rusty, it depends on what kind of riding you'll be doing. Albatross is a nice 
city bar for cruising, but you better like the upright position near the ends 
'cause that's realistically the only one available. I've used them a bunch and 
like them, but I don't recommend going on a long, wind-blown ride with Albas 
and they're just about useless on sketchy downhill dirt sections. 

Loop is the business for long, mixed-terrain rides because the hand positions 
give you options for gripping at the ends like Alba; moving forward to stretch 
out and get lower in the wind; and having a more secure, controlled grip for 
dirt downhills. 

The last - and very important consideration - is how you feel about the looks 
and stem requirements. I originally intended to put my Loop 2.5 cockpit on my 
new Cheviot, but I made a conscious decision to focus this bike as a townie 
2-speed with a specific look..I opted for a long quill Nitto stem and 
flipped-and-chopped Choco bars. This setup looks and works great for how I ride 
this bike, but I wouldn't want to tour or hit singletrack with it. 

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