Erl, I put Orange seal into the tubes on the bike that I converted to 650b 
for my daughter.  Although she doesn't have a whole lot of road (outdoor) 
miles on those wheels yet, she has had no flats.  I was able to get tubes 
with removable valve cores from Silver Exp. here in Kensington. I think 
they had to get them from the other store.   Inserting the OS wasn't much 
trouble as I recall.  I will see if I have the boxes or other indication of 
the tube brand (I think they had long valve stems, but that didn't 
matter).  Cheers, Steve

On Sunday, February 4, 2018 at 1:23:15 PM UTC-5, WETH wrote:
> Patricks and Tim, 
> Thanks for the info.  I'll do some reading on Orange Seal and tubes with 
> removable valve cores.
> Dean,
> I appreciate the info from your ride.  From the reading I've done, it 
> seems portions of the western section (Atkinson to Valentine) are afflicted 
> with vegetation and thorns on the trail.  Apparently a state highway runs 
> parallel to the trail in sections and is used by some riders weary of flats 
> and rougher trail surfaces.  
> Thanks,
> Erl

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