IME, mechanical disc brakes work really well. Hydros work really, really well. 
I agree with you, Mark, that we humans tend to embrace new technology rather 
quickly, often without considering consequences. However, mechanical disc 
brakes on a bike are—at this point—tried and true. I’m a philistine and a 
ham-fisted novice bike mechanic, and I’ve been able to figure out how to adjust 
both hydraulic and mechanical disc brakes by watching a couple of YouTube 
videos. The cr720s on my Sam are much more annoying to set up, actually. In 
other words, I don’t think mechanical disc brakes on a bike are one of those 
technologies of which we should be wary.

I have no skin in the game here. I likely wouldn’t buy a disc Hunq because I 
already like the disc Surly Troll I own. I also don’t think Riv will make a 
disc-braked bike, but it’s fun to dream.

Bob K. in Baltimore

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