I am going to rest my case {sustained applause} but I do want to clarify, 
the main tenet  of my position has little to do with the efficacy of the 
technology or the ease of setup, at least not in the conventional sense. I 
had disc brakes on several cargo bikes and, briefly, a folder that came my 
way. They worked okay, if a bit noisy. I am sure I could learn to work on 
them. I have already used more than my allotted space on this and other 
threads trying to explain my reasoning for  not being enamored of disc 
brakes for basic, single rider non extreme bicycles. By the  way, like 
jumbo shrimp, electric bicycle is an oxymoron;^] 

Anyway, there is no doubt discs are here to stay, and have infiltrated 
virtually every segment of the bicycle market. Which makes pining for a 
disc braked Rivendell a little weird, since you can already get one 
virtually any place else you care to go. I get that some think it will help 
the company economically,  but I kinda don't see it having that much impact.

On Sunday, February 4, 2018 at 2:56:28 PM UTC-5, Bob K. wrote:
> IME, mechanical disc brakes work really well. Hydros work really, really 
> well. I agree with you, Mark, that we humans tend to embrace new technology 
> rather quickly, often without considering consequences. However, mechanical 
> disc brakes on a bike are—at this point—tried and true. I’m a philistine 
> and a ham-fisted novice bike mechanic, and I’ve been able to figure out how 
> to adjust both hydraulic and mechanical disc brakes by watching a couple of 
> YouTube videos. The cr720s on my Sam are much more annoying to set up, 
> actually. In other words, I don’t think mechanical disc brakes on a bike 
> are one of those technologies of which we should be wary. 
> I have no skin in the game here. I likely wouldn’t buy a disc Hunq because 
> I already like the disc Surly Troll I own. I also don’t think Riv will make 
> a disc-braked bike, but it’s fun to dream. 
> Bob K. in Baltimore

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