Hey Jeremy, what tires are you running in that pic?  For my application, 
I'll be running:

   - 1/3 forest path stuff with some single track runs, some roots, few 
   rocks, no long steep climbs/descents
   - 1/3 big gravel (up to 50-cent piece size), with some hard pack runs 
   where gravel has scattered away, 5 or 6 100-300 yd climbs/descents
   - 1/3 pavement

Supposedly the 59 Clem will take up to a 60mm/2.5" tire, so I *could *run 
something like the Surly Extraterrestrial on the 24mm inner diameter Alex 
DM24s.  At 928g, a pretty heavy tire though, and pretty much overkill for 
me.  I'm also looking at the Schwalbe G-One Speed (2.35", 530g) or 
Thunderburts (2.25", 575g) right now since so many seem to like them in 
situations similar to mine.


On Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 4:35:04 PM UTC-5, Jeremy Till wrote:
> That is exactly what I use my Clem for. Here's a picture of the most 
> recent configuration, with Jones loop bars, taken on my go-to MTB ride, the 
> Foresthill Divide Loop in Auburn, CA:
> https://www.instagram.com/p/BZbygMVlv_a/

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