I'm a pretty devout unracer.  One of my un-unracing activities is I'm the 
volunteer team mechanic for the El Cerrito High School Mountain bike racing 
team.  Today's team ride was a non-league race.  It was open to the public 
and the kids urged me to sign up.  So, I did my first ever mountain bike 
race.  I entered the Sport category, which might have been above my skill 
level, but whatever.  The weather was perfect down in Fort Ord, Monterrey.  
It was pretty exciting to be in a real racing environment.  Other fellas in 
the 45-54 age group tended to gain time on me in the technical turns and 
such and the descents, but I was pleased at the ground I'd make up on the 
climbs.  I was not last in the Sport 45-54, but was close. I think the kids 
all enjoyed that I got after it. Anyway, it was a memorable day on the 
bike, and it happened to be a day on the bike that demanded hydraulic disc 
brakes and through-axles and front suspension.  There's no way I could have 
used a Rivendell, even a hypothetical fantasy Rivendell.  The fact is, 
there are bikes out there for most tasks.  Sometimes it's fine to just use 
the right bike for the task and enjoy the ride.

Bill Lindsay
El Cerrito, CA


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