To be precise: the 175s feel harder to spin at higher cadences; for me,
that;s 90+. They feel easier to spin, or to get up to a certain cadence,
*maybe,* at lower cadences, and given the bulk and diameter and contact
patch of the wheels -- 61 mm actual -- compared to the ~ 27 to 31 mm but
far smaller wheels of the other 3 bikes. Frankly, if you held a gun to my
head and said, "Choose *one*!" I'd just choose 170s.

On Sun, Feb 4, 2018 at 10:59 PM, Patrick Moore <> wrote:

> I like to think I can get torque slightly more easily with the 175s on my
> Matthews, but really, what I feel is that they are slightly harder to spin
> compared to the 170s I use on everything else.

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