Which Schwalbe tire were the 35s, and what were the puncture dangers? Are
goathead thorns a liability in the RAGBRAI region?

Sure, you can buy tires that will all but prevent flats from anything
except a sharp nail set at just the right angle, or a knife deliberately
pushed through the tread, but you accept the inevitable compromise in ride
quality, that is to say, diminished ride quality. You can buy solid tires
for bicycles, if you care to put up with the ride.

Now everyone's personal compromise is set differently. Me, I much preferred
to fix more flats than to ride tires that felt sluggish; really, I'd quit
riding if I were ever limited to the most sluggish tires I've ridden. But
whatever the compromise point, be sure that it's there. (And fixing flats,
once you get used to it, is really not the big deal that most people think
it is.)

Fortunately, modern sealants move the compromise bar quite a bit further
toward ride quality. These sealants do have their own downside and thus
their own compromise point, but they also do offer a new option where
goathead flats in particular are involved.

My point: The equation is not solved for everyone simply by choosing the
most flat resistant tire on the market.

On Sun, Feb 4, 2018 at 4:38 PM, iowegianor <droh...@gmail.com> wrote:

> ... . I have a pair of 35c Schwalbes that I just dedicate to do RAGBRAI
> every year, 4 years going strong, I think 2 flats total over the years. I
> also have 42c Schwalbe Marathons I use for commuting/general riding/gravel
> riding...last year, I did 12k on them - zero flats....ZERO!

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