I'm 6' with an 88 pbh and I'm riding a 59 Clem L. I'm the opposite of your 
wife- relative to my height, I have short legs and a long torso/arms. 

I love the way my Clem fits, but I have a really small amount of seat 
post showing (you can kind of see it here 
<https://www.instagram.com/p/BaES0xKH8pQ/?taken-by=bread_palace>, I'll try 
to take a better photo today). If I lowered my saddle any more I'd risk 
having the tip of the seatlug floating in space. I'm resigned to a 
"finger-full" of seat post on Riv's because that's what gets me the reach I 
like without a 14cm stem. You might want to figure out the saddle to bars 
distances on the 52 and 59 to make sure you can get the reach you want with 
a stem in the normal size range.


On Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 9:21:48 PM UTC-5, tc wrote:
> Hey, 
> The 52 and 59 Clem L's sizing overlaps quite a bit.  Does anyone out there 
> with a 52 Clem L and an 87-88 PBH wish they'd gotten a 59?  Or vice-versa?
> My wife is considering one.  We'll talk with the Riv folks, but I'd love 
> to hear of any experience you all have if you're in the same PBH range with 
> either size Clem L.  If you have a pic showing how much saddle post is 
> showing that'd be even better - thanks.
> Tom

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