I'm alone on every commute.   Maybe I'll see another bike on the trail part 
of my commute, but on the road parts it's just me and all the cars and 
trucks.  I'm OK with that.  I like riding much more than I do driving.   My 
car is 10 years old and at this rate will last another 10.  

I get the occasional aggression, but the more I take charge of situations 
the better things are.   Cars want to be told what to do when they see you. 
 Hand signals - especially the "come around me wave" - are respected.   I 
always ride with a mirror and I try to be aware of what others may be 
wanting.   If there's no room to be passed, I signal that and take the 
lane.   Once there is room I move over and wave them around.   It works for 


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