Google ate my attempted response, so here goes again. Sorry if this double 
posts later.

Bruce said: “If there's no room to be passed, I signal that and take the lane.  
 Once there is room I move over and wave them around.   It works for me.”

Sweet! I attempt much the same thing, but with mixed results. Could you help me 
understand what “not safe to pass” signal you use? I find that 2/3rds of 
drivers either ignore it or are ignorant of the meaning it. One driver told me 
“I don’t speak bike.” I wanted to ask if he spoke common sense, but common 
sense prevented me from asking. Shrug. Grin. I use the “slow” signal: left arm 
straight out, forearm bent down 90˚, palm open, facing backwards. Sometimes 
I’ll swing my palm back and forth to try and get their attention if they are 
not slowing down and it’s not clear.

I never cease to be amazed by how often drivers pass when they can’t see if it 
is clear ahead. Also, I never signal for cars to pass me. Too much “but he said 
it was OK!” excuse for failure to be smart. Instead, I just smile and wave.

With abandon,

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