You could get a vintage race bike, but then you are buying a used bike that 
may or may not be in your size, or your preferred color, and have wacky 
wheel spacing, or take weird sized seat posts, ect. 

My Roadeo never rode like a vintage race bike. It wasn't near as 
twitchy...that's really the best way I can describe the difference that 
I've felt. It's quite a nice riding bike but I felt like it was unlike 
other race bikes I've ridden. 

I consider the Roadeo a high end road bike frameset, and if you compare it 
price wise against other high end road bike framesets it's price, even the 
current price, isn't that far off. What's the price of a new Trek Emonda 
SLR frameset go for nowadays?  

but still, since I purchased my Roadeo frame, which I did wind up selling 
because I don't road ride anymore, the price has gone up six hundred bucks. 

On Friday, February 9, 2018 at 1:12:57 PM UTC-6, Davey Two Shoes wrote:

> I think the real problem here is the Roadeo is simply outclassed in it's 
> price bracket. You could easily get a custom geo steel road bike with a 
> carbon fork fork less. If the plan is a lightweight steel build I'd say 
> there are way better choices for your money.  
> If lugs are the the desire, why not get a vintage race bike?

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