So funny, the Bullmoose is about perfect for me BUT I don't do 
singletrack.  I'm a big Jones bar fan too so that general configuration 
works really well for me.

On Friday, February 9, 2018 at 3:40:21 PM UTC-5, Clayton.sf wrote:

> One more thing regarding the control vs. sweep debate (disclaimer: this is 
> just according to me and I have no "real" 3rd party science to back it up) 
> - more sweep allows me to keep my elbows closer to my body, and my  upper 
> body, shoulders and arms more relaxed. A lot of people seem equate this 
> with less control especially when coming from flat and riser bars. At least 
> that is usually their first response when they ride my bike on singletrack. 
> For me this allows me to ride a rigid bike more comfortably on MTB terrain 
> since my arms can now more easily absorb shocks. The bars may come back a 
> bit more which changes weight distribution when sitting but when things get 
> dicey I don't sit anyway and have no issue moving my body forward to weight 
> the wheel. The bullmoose are better in regards to sweep than most normal 
> mtb bars. I use Jones bars on my MTB with 45 degree sweep. Have also used 
> flat bars too. Both work but the swept bar allows me to ride longer and 
> more easily over rough stuff on a rigid bike. I change step length too. 
> 50mm on flat bars, 80mm on Jones.
> Hope this helps.
> Clayton
> On Friday, February 9, 2018 at 12:22:08 PM UTC-8, Ryan Merrill wrote:
>> Thanks for all the help, everybody. I got some pondering to do on this, 
>> but I think in the end I will probably end up with a bullmoose bar setup. 
>> On Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 2:53:20 PM UTC-6, Ryan Merrill wrote:
>>> I'm pondering bars for my Appaloosa I ordered and have a choice to 
>>> make.  I'm thinking about some sort of 'moose bar having already had the 
>>> Bosco Bullmoose in the past and liked them. My choice for this bike is 
>>> coming down to the regular Bullmoose bar or the Choco-moose bar but can't 
>>> figure out if I want a more flattish hand hold like a regular flat mtb bar 
>>> or one that puts my wrists like they would be on a choco bar...almost like 
>>> if they were on the drops of a drop bar, I guess. 
>>> I'll be using this bike primarily on gravel roads and singletrack 
>>> mountain bike trails with very little road riding going on, so quick 
>>> handling, secure gripping, and easy turning is a plus. 
>>> any ideas?  Do you think the reach to the bullmoose bars will be a bit 
>>> too dramatic compared to the choco bars on the Appaloosa?
>>> Next decisions will be what tires, what shifting mechanism, what 
>>> crankset, ect, ect, ect. (the fun part of buying a bike, IMHO.)
>>> thanks, 
>>> btw, I changed my name so no longer RJM

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