For the most part I no longer ride on the road. I live too far away from 
work to realistically commute, so unfortunately that activity was shelved 
when we moved here. I've had a couple of bad personal experiences riding 
with vehicles (yelled at, honked at, intentionally hit, bottle thrown at 
me), local cyclists have had a slew of others, and we've had a death of a 
cyclist by a man who did not have a license because he was legally 
blind and another doctor left for dead after being hit on his tri 
bike...thankfully alive but had to quit his practice because of the head 
trauma suffered when he was hit. Locally, it has just become too dangerous 
and I opted out. 

I do all my riding now on trails or gravel roads, which thankfully we have 
plenty of. 

On Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 11:38:33 PM UTC-6, J Imler wrote:

> I do my best to ride my bike vs drive, mostly because riding is a lot of 
> fun along with personal and enviro benefits. In the last six months I've 
> put 2,000 miles on my car. I'm shooting for a sub 5k year. We'll see. 
> The thing that strikes me more and more is how few people ride in my town 
> and how enclosed everyone appears in their cars. I feel like I'm sticking 
> out like a sore thumb. There's a quote I like, the one that says be the 
> change you wish to see in the world. I feel I'm living that out when I 
> decide to ride vs drive.
> Today there was some enjoyment and connection between myself and the 
> drivers though. Several waved and smiled, like they wanted to be riding 
> too. That made me feel good. 
> I'm sure every place has a different cycling culture but can anyone relate 
> to what I'm talking about?

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