The Riv certainly has nicer paint than a powder coat will be. If it were me
I might just do a contrast panel on the seat tube due to the addition of
bottle bosses, likewise on the rear dropouts. Especially so because you
don't care to change the colour substantially.

On Feb 9, 2018 09:13, "Patrick Moore" <> wrote:

Chauncey will, God willing, pick it up tomorrow for some modifications:
much longer -- longer-than-1010 -- dropouts, and a second pair of cage
bosses on the seat tube. He will have it powdercoated by a local shop that
does good work on bike frames.

I rather think I'll choose the same navy blue, but I recall the Herse that
this shop did -- a really lovely, "liquid" pale blue. I *do not* intend to
choose orange or green or gray or black or white. But shades of blue, red
-- other ideas?

Patrick Moore, who reserves the right to ignore any and all advice (but who
will certainly listen to it with interest and gratitude).

Here is the bike in current colors -- bar tape is more of same -- if not
current build:

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