Thanks, Patrick! This is helpful.

On Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 12:29:54 PM UTC-5, Deacon Patrick wrote:
> Hey Joe. I’m unsure to whom you are responding, but in the event it is me 
> and my suggestion to be sure and talk with Grant and Co. at Rivendell, I 
> may not have been as clear as I could have been. I did not mean to imply 
> she shouldn’t ask here. I was celebrating my own experience (and from what 
> I’ve seen here, many of our expereinces) in the reality that Rivendell 
> customer care is very different from many places one might go to buy a 
> bike. Rivendell will guide you to a bike to match what you are looking for, 
> without upselling, or shoving you into something that isn’t right for you 
> just because it’s what they offer. 
> Nancy, it’s well worth pointing out that Rivendell bikes have a very large 
> range of what they can do and do well. I own two, a Hunqapillar (focus: off 
> road, bikepacking, hauling, touring) on one end of the spectrum, and a 
> Quickbeam (focus: singlespeed go fast country bike). I’ve done century 
> rides in the mountains on both. My personal suggestion is get the 
> Clementine. You’ll love it and learn a lot. If that leads to you wanting a 
> go fast Rivendell — well, there are far worse problems to have! Grin. 
> With abandon, 
> Patrick

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