I think I have to agree with Joe, I have a Clementine  (Clem L) & I have never 
had a problem riding it whatever distance, BUT would it be a suitable choice 
for 100 miles or multi day ride!? No, I  don't think so. Sure you could do it & 
if you had one; I wouldn't discourage you from trying; now on the other hand if 
you were buying a new bike just for such a purpose then I'd suggest to the Joe 
Appaloosa. The Clem is heavy & big and under my 240lbs pretty flexy. I love it 
for going to the grocery store or slow meandering. 
It climbs OK, but you definitely feel the heft of it; on the other hand my 
Atlantis makes light of any sort of uphill & makes climbing hills as close to 
fun as is possible I guess. 
The difference in speed is really negligible, but noticeable. Example on my 
14mile commute home from work I might average 10.9mph on the Atlantis, but only 
10.4 on the Clementine, but over 14 miles it adds up! No problem if you are not 
in a hurry, but when it's really cold or Hot outside, its nice to be able to 
trim the time if necessary.

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