Shouldn't be an issue but depending on the length of the forward facing 
horizontals, your chosen chainring(s)/gearing and required chain length you 
may need to make some slight adjustments to get things to line up 

I ran into a problem on one frame when the dropouts had enough room for a 2 
or 3 tooth cog difference with single chainring but I needed one of those 
short half-links to get the chain length just right to make use of both 
cogs possible... in that particular scenario my chainring selection was 
limited so my only option was adjust chain length, stick with one cog in 
back, or file the dropouts a little longer.  Should you experience similar 
challenges you may have an easier time just going + or - a tooth with the 

Brian Cole
Lawrence, NJ

On Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 1:21:03 PM UTC-5, Carla Waugh wrote:

> Can the rear dropout be facing forward to run two single cigs and still 
> allow the chain to be moved by hand? 

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