SKF bearing BB, cups and mud guards are sold. 

Second BB with original bearings, no mounting rings, still available

On Monday, February 5, 2018 at 10:48:33 AM UTC-6, Mark Reimer wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I have two Phil Wood bottom brackets for sale. I used these in my Atlantis 
> with White Industries VBC road cranks and 44/30 chain rings. I sold the 
> Atlantis last year and my new frame uses a 110mm, so these aren't needed 
> anymore.
> One of them had the bearings replaced with SKF sealed bearings. These have 
> much less resistance than Phil bearings, and feel great. Lots of life left. 
> 119mm JIS steel bb.
> The second still has the original Phil bearings and is also in great 
> shape, come in original packaging. I bought this one to try on my Crust DFL 
> but it was too short, so it has zero miles but was mounted once. 119mm JIS 
> steel bb. 
> I have a set of English steel retainer rings and red mud guards, which 
> show some wear. 
> I'm open to combining all these things into one sale, or selling the BB's 
> individually. I don't want to sell just the rings on their own if possible.
> $140 new - $100 for the BB with phil bearings, $80 for the SKF BB. I'll 
> add the rings and mudguards for $10 with the purchase of a BB. Or you can 
> buy the entire lot for $160 - two BBs, rings and mud guards. 
> Shipping extra!

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