Not bad indeed Patrick!


I expect you will be glad to get it back on the road soon.

It makes me recall my Joe Starck built Riv Road bike from the same year.


I called it my triple Joe as it was built by Joe , painted by Joe Bell

and  had wheels built by master wheelbuilder Joe Young with Phil hubs.

I wish I had that one back.


Speaking of steel frame weights I recently built up a 1980 Centurion Semi Pro

and the 23.5” frame weighed 4.65 and the fork 1.70 for 6.35 lbs total.

Your Joefast is under that one by about 1/3 lb.


Makes me wonder what my old Riv Road weighed.

It was a 61 or 62 cm I think and a heavier seat tube

so probably in the range of my Semi Pro.


Of course I also am more interested in how a bike rides than saving  a few 
ounces of weight.


That said, reading the thread on a sub 20 lb Roadeo got me thinking of dropping 
the weight on one of my bikes

to just 22 lbs. The Centurion is currently at right at 24 I think.


Safe pedaling,


Paul in Dallas

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