I definitely think that rear-facing track ends allow easier removal and 
installation of fat rubber. In fact I can't see a way in which that isn't 
the case unless one is referring to the process with fenders.Which changes 
the equation.


On Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 1:24:57 PM UTC-8, Philip Williamson wrote:
> I have always had the opposite experience, where fat tires exit the frame 
> more easily with track ends. I had to whack the 40mm inflated tire pretty 
> hard to pop the wheel past the kickstand plate on the Ross yesterday. Could 
> be the small sample size of my singlespeeds, though. 
> I hook the chain over the dropout whichever direction the wheel comes out, 
> so it doesn’t drag on the ground, or get forgotten when the wheel goes back 
> in. It takes a good deal less than five seconds, but does grimy-up the 
> digit. 
> Philip 
> Santa Rosa, CA 

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