A review from Velouria at Lovely Bicycle included this paragraph:

*In both aesthetics and feel the Clementine reminds me most of a certain 
type of German and Austrian utility bike that had been around for decades 
through maybe the early 1990s. While clunky in stature and most commonly 
used as city bikes, these types of bicycles were also surprisingly good 
over long distances and over unpaved terrain. They were not designed for 
sport, but for casual - yet, potentially endless - cycling. It is the idea 
of precisely this kind of cycling that first attracted me to bicycles.*

And another salient paragraph:
*The Rivendell Clementine is not a performance bicycle. It does not achieve 
its ease of travel by means of light tubing, aggressive positioning, or 
racy handling. In fact, it is a rather massive, and obscenely relaxed 
machine. Riding it down the road, I feel remarkably at ease. I want to be 
wearing dresses, fluttery clothing, flimsy footwear - and often I do. I 
want to meander endlessly. Yet despite this, the bike eats up miles. And I 
am left with the impression of getting to my destination quickly, without 
that tedious feel that long milage often begins to take on for me, when 
riding an upright bike.*

This was not what she considered a full on review, but IIRC, her initial 
impressions stuck. It is very similar to what I wrote about my experience 
with the bicycle. I also left several comments on this post at Lovely 
Bicycle (under the name "M"--my google id and the result of hitting the 
button before my profile was complete.)Fundamentally, it can do whatever 
you ask of it. I think it comes down to, what your attitude is about the 
rides you want to do with it. Of course you can get a sportier bike to 
ride--and you already have that. The Clementine is a perfect second 
bicycle. It can do everything your current bike can, plus a ton more. I 
wish Rivendell still had the Clem brochure pdf up on the website.

Full review here:



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