Based on my experience with my old Banana Sack (made by Duluth pack), I'd 
say you will be fine with your intended use.  Mine will carry: an 
innertube, tools in a pouch, wallet, light jacket and an Abus cable lock, 
like Riv sells.  If the lock is carried, it should go in first.  Looking at 
the pictures on the site, the new one may be a wee bit larger, so better 
still.  BTW, I modified mine to fasten the flap with shock cord very much 
like the new Riv design.  It is much more convenient than the single buckle 
style of the old ones.  Interesting that Riv went to the two straps 
perpendicular for mounting.  I can see that it will be easier to mount and 
dismount than the old threaded-strap style.  One of these days, I'll be 
tempted to replace my old one with a new gray for my Bleriot.  Cheers, Steve

On Monday, February 12, 2018 at 6:18:51 AM UTC-5, Tim Bantham wrote:
> I am looking for feedback on Rivendell's new Banana Sax bag. If you have 
> one and have had some experience using it I would be interested in hearing 
> about it's overall usefulness What have you been able to fit in the bag 
> etc. I am trying to keep bags and racks on my Sam to a minimum but still 
> would like to have a useful bag for carrying my phone, tools, gloves and 
> maybe even a light jacket.  

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