all prices include shipping

*Brooks C-17- Slate. Very good newish condition. * Bought off list to try. 
tried once and my butt didn't like it.  Selling for 80$ (which is what i 
paid) 80$ shipped to west coast. 85$ shipped mid/east

*Shimano Deerhead thumb shifters-* pretty good condition. bolts show some 
rust. they work well. 35$ 

*Tektro drop V brake/long pull levers*- on a bike for a few rides. 25$ 

*WTB 29x2.1 nano tires- *on a bike i no longer have for a few rides. 
essentially no wear. if I still had a 29er, I'd use these tires for 
everything. 35$ shipped for the set. 

I'm looking for WTB byways or interesting 650x50ish mixed terrain tires, 
carradice bagman/erlen style support, any brake related paul bits. 


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