Good points, Tom and true, I have found among different bikes I own/have 
owned, minimal differences in my speed, though noticeable differences in 
what I can lift and maneuver readily when that has to be done. I too would 
say failings in regards to riding are generally my own, not the bike's! :). 
Would love to know how you fare with the Clem in Baltimore County! 

On Monday, February 12, 2018 at 3:20:59 PM UTC-5, Tom Horton wrote:
> hi nancy, I've ridden those hilly baltimore valleys a good deal, on a 
> custom titanium serotta and on a fendered, touring racked big (68cm) 
> atlantis, and the difference isn't as much as you'd think. last year we 
> encountered some hills in quebec that were defeating my sixtyish band of 
> cyclists and we took our bags off and stashed them in the woods, shedding 
> maybe 15-20 pounds; and again it just didn't help that much. my point I 
> guess is that weight doesn't matter as much as we think. just got a 64 cm 
> clem L and maybe in next month or two I can report how that manages in 
> baltimore county. strongly suspect any failings will be the rider, not the 
> clem.  tom horton
> On Saturday, February 10, 2018 at 5:56:42 PM UTC-5, Nancy Seibel wrote:
>> Hi, there, I'm seriously thinking of buying a Clem L (I know...that's how 
>> it starts) and wanted to hear from those of you have ridden this bike. What 
>> do you like about it? Any dislikes? How is it on hilly routes? What about 
>> long rides - defined as 30-60+ miles?
>> I test rode one for a short spin around town and loved it. But would I 
>> Iove it in hilly Baltimore County MD, on a century or out for a multi-day 
>> tour?
>> Thanks in advance for your comments!

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