I have a 2017 Appaloosa.  Clem L and Appa are similar bikes, IMO.  Based on 
my experience, I would say it quite suitable for 60-mile rides.  It would 
NOT be a good choice if speed is what you are going for.  Very good choice 
if enjoying the scenery, being able to carry some stuff for the trip with 
ease and comfort are what you want.  
I only started biking 2-3 years ago.  My biking muscles are not all that 
trained.  Still, a 52 mile trip that involved 2800 ft climbing did not feel 
too hard on Appaloosa. It was 95+ degrees that day.  I had carried at least 
20 lbs cargo including extra water bottles.  Looking back, I wouldn't even 
attempt a trip like that on any of the road bikes I had owned before.  It 
might take an hour less.  But I know those bikes won't be comfortable 
enough to get much enjoyment out of the ride.  Last summer I also biked Mt 
Diablo (close 3k ft climb, I think) on Appa.

It did take some trial and error with handlebars, stem length/height 
adjustments and saddles   before it became fully comfortable for long 
rides.  (which is probably the case with any bike).

During the winter I have made more tweaks to improve ergonomics (mostly to 
the cockpit).  Now I feel like I can enjoyably ride it all day (at my pace) 
for multiple days.  Looking forward to at lease one such ride this summer.



On Saturday, 10 February 2018 14:56:42 UTC-8, Nancy Seibel wrote:
> Hi, there, I'm seriously thinking of buying a Clem L (I know...that's how 
> it starts) and wanted to hear from those of you have ridden this bike. What 
> do you like about it? Any dislikes? How is it on hilly routes? What about 
> long rides - defined as 30-60+ miles?
> I test rode one for a short spin around town and loved it. But would I 
> Iove it in hilly Baltimore County MD, on a century or out for a multi-day 
> tour?
> Thanks in advance for your comments!

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