Alcatraz is great, but you might have difficulty making a reservation.
Muir woods now has limited parking that also requires a reservation.  I
highly recommend renting a bicycle in the city and riding along the
Embarcadero through fisherman's wharf and to the golden gate bridge,
followed by a trip across the bridge down into Sausalito, and then a ferry
back to San Francisco.  You get to see lots of beautiful scenery and
experience a trip on the bay.  If you feel adventurous, then cross the
bridge and climb the hill on the West side of the bridge (Conzelman Rd?) to
the old gun turrets about a couple hundred feet up.  You look down on the
Golden Gate Bridge with the absolute best views of the bridge and city.

If you are in Emeryville, then you are 10 miles from the Oakland
Hills--Redwood Regional Park.  Go to the Skyline gate and take a hike along
the rim trail, or hike down into the Redwoods on the French Trail.  There
will be some elevation gain, but wonderful hiking and beautiful redwoods.
That is in my neck of the woods.  You are welcome to borrow a bike from me
(I ride a 54 cm, but also have a smaller mixte Cheviot) and ride along
Skyline Blvd to Grizzly Peak Blvd, where there are amazing views of the

I know you said that you won't be biking, but hard for me to not recommend
it :).

Toshi in Oakland

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