My standards for giving folks a tour are:
Drive over the Bay bridge because living in oakland is the best.
Get coffee someplace and decide which museum to go to. My preferences are:
Cal academy of Science
Museum of the African Diaspora

The first two are in GG Park, the second two are in SOMA. I would choose one of 
the pairs. Either way after you go to them I would head to GG Park and explore 
th lakes, SF Botanical Garden, Tulip Gardens and Bison. Head out to Ocean Beach 
and up towards Lands End/Sutro Baths. Explore/hike that area and then drive 
back via the Presidio. 

That’s a day that will tire you out for sure. 

Muir Woods is great but you have to get a reservation for parking now.
Marin Headlands are perhaps th happiest place on earth. Bike, hike or drive 
over. You won’t be sorry.
I’m going to plug th dark horses that are our wonderful East Bay Regional 
Parks. Tilden, Sibley, Joaquin Miller, Redwood and more all have amazing 
hiking, biking and geology to see. I love the Big Trees area in Joaquin Miller 
and the hiking there is sublime. Sibley is wide open, windy and gives you 
amazing Vistas. Tilden is the wild version of GG Park.

Oakland also has OMCA which is an amazing museum and is very underrated.

Walnut Creek is a suburban bedroom community with a large big box store 
downtown. Aside from Riv it’s geared towards driving and buying. Stop by Riv, 
borrow a bike and get directions to She’ll ridge or Diablo or Briones. Bring 
your legs!

This is one man’s opinions and do not represent anything but his own wants and 


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