Jan does some 
knickers.  https://www.compasscycle.com/shop/components/compass-knickers-2016/

On Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at 1:59:17 PM UTC-5, Deacon Patrick wrote:
> Och! Me knickers are in a twist! Sardonic grin. I am looking for knickers 
> to ride in and for daily wear (so not cycling spandex knickers, but more in 
> the spirit of Riv’s knickers of yore)
> My requirements are:
> — casual/dressy look and fit (if they fit like jeans, I’m golden)
> — loose enough to allow squatting and floor sitting, but not baggy
> — quiet as cotton
> — belt loop for 1.5” belt (like jeans)
> — Elastic at the knee
> — cool, breathable
> The two I’ve found that may fit the bill are:
> Zoik Reign: 
> https://www.competitivecyclist.com/zoic-reign-bike-knicker-mens?skidn=ZOI004S-BK-M&ti=UExQIENhdDpNZW4ncyBDeWNsaW5nIEtuaWNrZXJzOjE6OTpjY0NhdDEwMDIyNg==
> and Compass: 
> https://www.compasscycle.com/shop/components/compass-knickers-2016/
> Others I should look into?
> With abandon,
> Patrick
> www.CredoFamily.org
> www.MindYourHeadCoop.org

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