Jeremy said:  "the QB's were made in Japan by Toyo"

I respectfully disagree slightly, leaning (as always) on Saint Sheldon:


"The Quickbeam frame is made by Panasonic in Japan"

On Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 9:49:55 AM UTC-8, Jeremy Till wrote:
> Well, (at least the green and orange) the QB's were made in Japan by Toyo, 
> so I'd imagine that their current Taiwanese supplier has a different supply 
> chain for frame parts than did Toyo at the time.  Secondly, the newer 
> dropout is hooded, like the dropouts on the Clem and Appaloosa, which 
> allows the dropout to be TIG welded to the stays rather than brazed.  I 
> think it also allows the dropout to fit a wider range of angles between the 
> stays without modification.  I'm not an expert in frame manufacturing and 
> I'm not sure how the costs balance against the cost of doing a new dropout 
> casting, but I'd imagine at least some of it is motivated by streamlining 
> the manufacturing process.  
> Finally, the new dropout has double eyelets whereas the QB ends had single 
> eyelets.
> On Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 9:27:56 AM UTC-8, jandrews_nyc wrote:
>> Just curious why the original QB/SO track end was redesigned...
>> Does anyone know how the new one changes the flexibility of 
>> gearing...isn't it still an 8 tooth difference while maintaining brake pad 
>> position?
>> Maybe it's so they could extend the chain stays?

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