Since lots of you are receiving Frank Jones Senor frames around now, and 
since some of you don't start your build plans until after a new frame 
arrives, it occurred to me that I have two items that you might need or 

1. A set of Tektro R559 long reach caliper brakes.  Recessed allen mount.  
Rivendell sells them for $80.  I'm selling these for $55 shipped.
2. A Dura-Ace 7710 32 hole rear track hub.  New in box.  $80 shipped

This is a "you choose my adventure" in the following ways:

I used the Tektro 559 brakes on my Schwinn Tempo 650B conversion.  The next 
stage in my Tempo adventure is having Ed Litton braze on cantilever posts.  
If you buy these brakes you will encourage me to get that work done, and 
you will discourage me from doing another 650B conversion for at least a 
little while. 

I bought the track hub to try fixed riding on a Quickbeam or maybe a 
Steamroller.  I ended up purchasing a single speed road bike with track 
ends and 130mm spacing, and I still use that.  If you buy this hub, you 
will discourage me from trying to find a used Quickbeam, and will 
discourage me from trying fixed riding.

Bill Lindsay
El Cerrito, CA

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