An Italian (70mm) axle works fine. I did this previously on a Raleigh-made 
Huffy Sportsman. I think I have a Dura Ace spare spindle somewhere. Let me 
know if you're interested and I can check width.

On Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 3:00:14 PM UTC-6, Coal Bee Rye Anne 
> Putting a feeler out as I try to work through a poor man's QB type build.  
> Hope this isn't too much off topic... but build will include several Riv 
> items and likely either RM016 Moustache or RM013 dirt drops with 10cm dirt 
> drop stem, Tektro r559 brakes, and more.
> I'm dealing with a Raleigh frame with typical Raleigh threaded BB.  I have 
> a spare cup and cone BB scavenged from a trashed old Raleigh 10sp that 
> installed easily but turns out the spindle is too short to match my spare 
> 46t Raleigh crank (scavenged from a different frame and lost in a prior 
> game of musical cranks.)  The 46/49 double from the 10sp had been installed 
> on a 3 speed rebuild with that 3 speed's original spindle and before I go 
> down the cotter removal rabbit hole to free up that 46/49 double I'm 
> thinking I may instead try to do one of the Sheldon Brown suggested mix n 
> match square taper upgrades.  So I'm on the hunt for a JIS square taper 
> spindle for 73mm English shells to pair with the Raleigh BB cups that could 
> allow me to try one of two available JIS cranks.... unless anyone has a VO 
> threadless cartridge BB or Phil BB with Raleigh rings they are looking to 
> maybe trade?
> I have Sakae SX 170mm and Ritchey 177.5 JIS cranks (NOS, scored from Riv a 
> while back) both with 110bcd and a bunch of 110bcd rings I'd love to 
> use instead of continuing to deal with cotters but have no remaining bike 
> budget to buy a new BB at this time (and I missed the boat on a $30 VO sale 
> of 107 threadless that now shows sold out.)  Haven't had a chance to scour 
> the bins at a co-op/bike church near my office yet but hoping to do 
> so later this or next week.  Guessing they may have a cotter press there 
> (or just lots of experience whacking them out) since they work on a ton of 
> old bikes but I'm beginning to think updating to square taper will serve me 
> well going forward if this project turns into a keeper.  
> If I understand correctly I'll still need different sized bearings (6mm as 
> mentioned in Sheldon's Raleigh articles) if going JIS cup and cone spindle 
> route so everything lines up better with the off spec bearing tracks of JIS 
> spindle and Raleigh cups.  Only spare cup and cone JIS spindles I have are 
> 68mm.
> I suppose a Phil BB with Raleigh rings is likely the ideal upgrade but not 
> only is this the most costly, it additionally requires a Phil tool which I 
> don't have (or shop labor for a shop that has a Phil tool and this isn't 
> really that kind of build anyway... but if anyone has Phil BB with Raleigh 
> rings plus a Phil tool available for trade maybe we could work something 
> out?
> I guess what I'm really trying to say is that a VO threadless cartridge is 
> probably the simplest and most straightforward option but I'm open 
> to the alternatives.
> It's already taken me over a year to get this far on the build and I'm 
> trying to avoid rushing anything at this point.  Hoping to work this out 
> methodically and with little to no additional expense... and I have a stash 
> of parts that won't make it onto this next build and I'm willing to trade 
> and open for discussion.
> Oh, right... spindle length:  I think 107, 110, 113 should all likely work 
> ok.
> Ritchey cranks are 110/74 triple and I know they normally take really wide 
> spindles but I've tested these as a double (single plus guard) on a 107/68 
> and had a good chainline for a single speed.
> The Sakae SX double was previously used on a 113/68 and matched up pretty 
> well with the same SS wheel and dos eno fw.
> Haven't taken full inventory of all spare stuff yet but here are most 
> items that could probably be put on the trading block.  Not listing prices 
> since I'm not yet looking to sell anything... some of these have been put 
> on hold for back-burner projects but I think I could let some go to help 
> move this one along.
> Stems:
> VO Cigne Stem - 9cm - high polish - 31.8 - scratch/dent from their initial 
> batch but still in great shape with only minor blemishes.
> Soma Highrider Threadless adapter (looong quill for using threadless 
> stems) - black
> Bontrager alloy - 9/8" threadless stem - 25.4 clamp - 120mm - 10deg rise - 
> 2-bolt - black
> Easton alloy - 9/8" threadless - 31.8 clamp - 90mm 6deg rise - 4-bolt - 
> black
> Bars:
> 44cm Giant drops - Black alloy - 31.8 - takeoffs from a friends CX bike 
> that went with a flat bar conversion. Shape of the drops just don't work 
> for me.
> Nitto RM-014f Dirt Drops - 52cm end to end - 31.8 - originally bought 
> thinking they were more like a 31.8 version of RM013's.  These have much 
> more flare and not as useful ramps.  Used briefly then went another 
> direction.  Still have another frame they may work out on with the VO Cigne 
> stem and Big Dummy fork but it's really too small a frame and low priority 
> at this point.
> Brakes:
> Tektro TRP RRL - black on black (also have 2nd set of silver on black 
> but currently installed on something but... if black vs silver levers is a 
> deal breaker/deal maker I could work something out.) 
> Shimano CX50 Canti brakes - one wheel's worth - NIB
> Tektro RL341 - short reach - Brake lever
> Tektro v-brake/long pull drop bar levers - forget the model name/# at the 
> moment.
> Forks:
> Tange 26" MTB Cromoly Fork - 1" threaded - 200mm steerer - ISO 26.4 
> crownrace - Black - bought NOS from Bruce Gordon a while back but just 
> never got around to installing on an old rigid frame.
> Surly Big Dummy - 9/8" threadless - 425mm axle to crown - Black - steerer 
> still full length but used and star nut installed.
> Rivendell SimpleOne fork - 238mm steerer - 1" threaded - ISO 26.4 
> crownrace - unpainted - installed as a dry fit but never used since the 
> intended frame broke (cracked seatstay.)
> Schwinn road fork: 1" threaded From 1987 Traveler (from same frame meant 
> for the SimpleOne fork) - JIS 27.0 crownrace  ~238mm threaded steerer.
> Other:
> Maybe some shifting bits (Paul thumbies + Silver adapters, misc front/rear 
> derailers) and some racks (Nitto 32f mini, Wald Woody rear)
> Thank you and no photos available right now but could provide off list 
> upon request of any interested items.
> Brian Cole
> Lawrenceville, NJ

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