Thanks for the suggestion Rich.  I did consider pauls, but I wanted to keep 
it a super easy brake setup.  Mike Varley had an article about brake 
clearances that I cam across ( ) and from the 
images in it, it looked like the shimanos ought to offer adequate clearance 
for 35mm tires. The limiting factor will remain the frame bridges and fork 
crown, I believe.  I think the only way to get fenders on as well will be 
to split them at the brakes/bridges. I did something like this once before 
and am curious to tinker around with it again.  

Really, i should just ride the romulus without fenders, but living in the 
metro vancouver area, well, we get quite a lot of rain.

Sky in new west

On Monday, 19 February 2018 05:49:53 UTC-8, RichS wrote:
> Sky, 
> If you can swing it, Paul centerpulls for your Romulus would give you the 
> fender clearance you’re looking for. 
> Just completed a Roadeo and installed the Paul CPs. They are as nicely 
> performing as others on the list have noted from time to time. 
> Regards, 
> Richard

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