If you decide to ignore Bills advice (and to be honest if i had read this 
before thinking about what you are i may have not gone thru with my 
purchase) and try to make it work with the Pauls, I have an M12 and the 
requisite Pauls Adaptor Nuts in my parts box.  I was thinking of doing this 
exact thing, but then i thought thru how i used my QB, and i need/often 
carry way more load then would work on an M12.  

If the load requirements are ok with you, i've seen this done before 
(though not on a QB)

FWIW, i use a Nitto Mini Front  + p-clamps, yes the p-clamps are ugly but 
they work, and it lets me run the giant nitto platrack.  

If you still want to try it, send me a direct message and we can work out a 
deal for the M12 + racknuts.

On Monday, February 19, 2018 at 4:27:18 PM UTC-5, Bill Lindsay wrote:
> Paul brakes plus their rack adapter are EXTREMELY tall compared to any 
> normal brakes. Like maybe two full centimeters tall. That means it can be 
> quite difficult to use an off the shelf non adjustable rack like the M12 or 
> M13. My advice would be to use Tektro CR720 brakes with and M12 or M13 
> rack, or get a custom rack made for your Paul setup. 
> Bill Lindsay
> El Cerrito Ca

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