Nice classy build. How about some build details? Is that a 52 cm frame?

On Monday, February 19, 2018 at 6:12:31 PM UTC-5, Bob Warner wrote:
> Greetings RBW Bunch,
> Thought I'd post my new to me Sam Hillborne!  I'm pretty excited about 
> this bike.  I'm the second owner of the frame, and just built it up with 
> parts from my recently dismantled Nordavinden (soon to be for sale)
> It's my first Riv, and based upon the maiden shake down ride today, it 
> rides like a dream.   I've read a lot about Riv bikes, and have followed 
> this forum for some time now, but did not realize what truly sublime rides 
> they are.    Looking forward to many long rides this year with Sam!!

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