I have a 58 cm quickbeam that I used to have set up with suntour xc pro brakes. 
In order to use a nitto M12 front rack I used the Paul rack bolts. This puts 
the rack too far forward and requires a spacer on the threaded fork crown 
attachment point. This outward cantilevered position paired with overloading my 
front bag and hitting one too many potholes caused a rack failure for me. (The 
rack's threaded rod broke underneath the spacer.)  You think that I would have 
wised up after the first one, but I bought a new M12 and this time used the 
Nitto rack bolt and Mafac brakes, unfortunately in order to keep the rack 
level, I still needed to use a spacer, the second rack broke the same way as 
the first about a year later.

Finally, I wised up and switched to an M13 (narrow) rack and used Mafac Tandem 
brakes (same geometry and mounting style as the Tektro that Bill recommend). 
This rack is more re-enforced at the fork crown and I was able to mount it 
without any spacers.

That rack never let me down. My Quickbeam is now in a rackless single-speed 
cyclecross formation, so I still have the M13 rack. It's available if you 
happen to want to go that direction.

But, yeah. Listen to Bill. I wouldn't mix off the shelf Nitto canti-post 
mounted racks and the Paul rack bolt.

Oh, here is a picture of it with the Mafacs and the M-13:


And previously, with the Mafacs and the M12.


Best of luck,

Sam McCune
New Haven, CT

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