Everyone has their opinion / reasons... I saw the email and bought 10 of them, 
plus some stuff within 2 minutes. But, but, but... 

Last summer we visited the “World Headquarters”, as we do about once a year, 
test rode the tandem (in small) around the parking lot, and decided to buy it — 
for the whole family. Biggest impulse purchase ever, but such an easy riding 
bike, and fun for the whole family! Wanted the sage colorway in size small. 
Alas, they ran out, so we settled on orange in medium — less good, because it’s 
more difficult for me (captain) to get on with a kid on the back, and a bit too 
big for two of the kid “stokers”, but workable. Especially since this was “the 
only run of tandems they would ever do, never again.” More good than bad.... 

Got the tandem shipped, built it up, great. Really fun! 

Then, not long after, Riv sends out an email saying more tandems have arrived, 
including a few size small in sage. Ugh. For a company that basically survives 
on fan following, this is a bit of a d*ck move. Maybe not intentional on their 
part (?), but hard to believe that they didn’t know the second batch was being 
made / on the boat as we were discussing the sizing & color and making the 
purchase. And if they didn’t, that’s just craptacular planning, which we (are 
happy to) bail out again and again. 

Anyhow, I’ll most probably buy from Riv again, but there it is. 

- Max in A2 

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