I've had a bike chrome plated by GOrilla bicycles here in Z├╝rich. It cost 
about $300. 

The fears about weakening the metal only apply to bad workshops: the 
process involves an acid bath, which needs to be washed away lest the acid 
slowly eat the steel. 

A good job actually involves 3 platings. The frame is first plated with 
copper, which is much softer than steel and can be easily polished. This is 
necessary if you want a truly mirror-like finish. Second, the bike is 
nickel-plated, which has a stiffness intermediate between copper and 
chrome. Without this layer the chrome can crack. Third, chrome plating. 

Given that they're doing all the platings anyways, GOrilla also offers you 
the ability to just have your bike copper- or nickel-plated. The copper 
looks awesome, it starts out as, well, a very bright copper finish which 
slowly oxidized to a deep brown. I really like the nickel, too, which has a 
slight goldish tint and is less shiny than chrome. 

On Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 12:41:07 AM UTC+1, Lum Gim Fong wrote:
> Anyone chromed their 'dell upon need for a repaint?
> Any downsides to chroming? Is it expensive?

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