Max, I didn't read your message properly at first.   Don't know if you 
noticed, but there are still small sage Hubba Hubba frames available, while 
the mediums are long gone.  I know its a hassle but I'd bet you could find 
someone who wants that orange medium, since its the most needed size, and 
work out some sort of trade.  Hopefully someone nearby to you and/or Riv.  
Maybe you still have a chance to get what you wanted!

What I started to say earlier was that I just take this as an example of 
how hard such a business must be to run.   NOT as a sign of reckless 
business decisions.  Just like the MUSA clothing and 59cm Frank Jones Sr. 
frames, clients and and retailers like Rivendell can't weight their 
purchases toward the sizes that they know will sell.   Manufacturers expect 
them to buy a full run of each size that they want to carry, even though 
much of it will languish on a shelf. 

I think those people who shop at the small and large ends of the spectrum, 
and who are uniquely served by Rivendell,  should be required to buy double 
hail mary points.  (Kidding.)

On Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 9:23:19 AM UTC-7, Joe Bernard wrote:
> Max, I understand your frustration that you were led to believe there were 
> no more smalls in the pipeline and that changed, but I don't think it's 
> reasonable to infer that folks there knew more were and didn't tell you. 
> They could have easily taken your money as a pre-order for one like I did 
> with the Cheviot that I waited 3 months for. I also don't think they would 
> have advised to buy a different size that wouldn't be good for you. It 
> sounds to me like you got the information they had on hand that day, then 
> made a purchase decision on a different size on your own. 

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