This is good to know ... Agree that for cycling pants, you want a waist at
real waist height. While my home-made knickers are not ideal as to features
or fabric (I'm sure the I Magnin flannels will pill and wear easily, now
that I have them altered to really fit) they do have natural waists.

Remove Reigns from short list ...

On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 12:05 PM, Deacon Patrick <> wrote:

> .... The trend is hip hugging low rider pants, which require sizing up to
> get more room to wear them if you prefer (as I do) the waist to actually be
> at the waist. At which point, sizing is very odd, having a lot of extra
> room at the waist that has to be taken up by a belt. That’s how the Reign
> knickers fit, but the fabric is thin, so not a huge deal.

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