There's still the 56 cm Atlantis for sale for $2,700.  Complete bike, less 
seatpost & seat, for the price of the frame alone.  Someone NEEDS this bike.

dougP (already have my Atlantis, but an active enabler on such matters)

On Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 4:38:03 PM UTC-8, Chris Birkenmaier 
> I was just in Ri s website and saw their request for their loyal 
> supporters to purchase store credits of $10 units to help through a cash 
> flow jump. I promptly purchased some credits. I love this company and am 
> happy to help them out. Goodness knows I always find things I want to buy 
> from them. While I was doing this I also got an email with the request. 
>  I’d encourage you all to read your email or visit their website for 
> complete details 
> Chris 
> Who is getting a Roadini to add to the collection

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