On Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 5:33:48 PM UTC-5, Jacob wrote:
> Cool choice for the fork!  Makes you notice the lugs. Never would have 
> thought of that. Is the scheme inspired by another bike?

Thanks all for the kind words. Last year I had Waterford build for me an 
“improved Heron Road” for brevet riding. It’s their ST22 with a Heron fork with 
extra rake. For that bike, I went with the traditional scheme of the main color 
on the frame and fork, with a white head tube and the windows of the fork crown 
also white. It’s quite beautiful, photo here:

As I thought about the scheme for the Bleriot, it occurred to me that the lug 
and fork crown windows both gave you a peek at the tubes behind them, so it 
might be interesting to have the tubes be painted one color, and the lugs 
another. And if the head tube was going be the cream, that meant the fork 
blades would also be cream. I spent hours searching photos on the internet to 
see if I could find examples and found very few. Of course, there are examples 
where that is applied to the entire bike (tubes all one color, lugs all another 
color), but that wasn’t what I was after.  I was very nervous about how it was 
going to look and was happily stunned when I picked it up at Waterford today. I 
couldn’t read how Roger (their painter) felt about it, though.

The color is officially Copper Metallic, and in daylight it certainly looks it. 
With a bit less light it looks every bit like root beer with a creamy head. 

I am also very happy with how the decals look on it and grateful to RBW for 
providing them and a head badge. In its previous incarnation, this was my work 
horse bike, nothing flashy. I might have gone overboard the other way, and now 
I have to think about bits of bling to match the new paint. I already have some 
brass cable housing ferrules waiting.

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