On Friday, February 23, 2018 at 9:17:41 AM UTC-8, Jonathan D. wrote:
> Anyone know if the Hail Mary is having an impact or how much more they 
> need? Are there other options to support them?  I bought stuff from both 
> rivendell and Rivelo this past month along with a few gift cards. 

Dave S is the GM at Riv.  I emailed Dave after I screwed up and generated a 
bunch of $10 gift cards when I'd rather have one big one.  Dave arranged to 
consolidate my many credits into one for me.  While I "had his ear", I 
asked how HailMary was going, and he said "better than expected".  I told 
him that I could potentially help additionally if it was necessary, and he 
thanked me for that, but said it was not at the moment.  

So, if you are well-heeled and want to loan Rivendell $10k - $50k at lower 
interest than a line of credit, reach out to Dave.  Maybe they'd want it, 
but my guess is they won't.  If you don't want to enter that kind of 
arrangement with Rivendell Bicycle Works, then buying things they have in 
stock and buying store credit are the best two things you can do.  Giving 
away those $10 gift certs to your friends, triggering them to spend $100 
each would be even better.  

Bill Lindsay
El Cerrito, CA 

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