I'm considering the purchase of a Roadini frame, and am wondering if 
perhaps it'd be just possible to use 650B wheels on one of the frames 
intended for 700C -- for the purpose of being able to run wider tires, 
if/when desired.

The site says that 57mm reach is necessary, and in the pictures, so far as 
I can tell, it looks like they have Shimano Tiagra 57mm-max-reach brakes, 
with the pads seemingly set about halfway to the bottom. Working that out 
in my head, it would seem that by using something such as the Paul Racer 
centerpull, with a reach of 67mm, it might be just possible to make it 
happen. There are options for brakes with reach up to 73mm, of course, but 
those are not as high-quality and I'd like to avoid having to change-out 
the brakes to run a different wheel. Aside from the brake reach, though, is 
the other question as to whether the width of -- say -- a 40 or 45mm tire 
will fit. Height wouldn't be a problem, but width might be -- chainline, 
derailleur, etc.

Anyone have any input on these factors? I'd appreciate it.

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